Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Walk to the Arroyo

Since I am feeling good today, I decided to take a short walk down to the Arroyo and take a few pictures. I took some shots from the La Loma Bridge, then I went down into the Arroyo and took a picture of the La Loma Bridge.

Then I walked back home by coming up Bradford. It felt very good to get outside in the fresh air, and to get even a little bit of exercise!


Steve said...

I notice that your comments are automatically time stamped. Is there a way for them to be date stamped as well?

Steve said...

I meant your blog entries, not the comments.

Soo said...

Hi Dave,

You are really making me push the limits of my technical knowledge - this is my first posting on a blog! Glad to hear you are up and about. We are following your progress closely and have our fingers crossed for you.

Jenny said...

Love your blog. Your positive attitude and eagerness to learn more about your treatment will make a big difference in your recovery.

Frances....I am so glad Dave is in such good hands with you and his "crack" team.

Ravi said...

Hi Dave

You are an inspiration !! We check your blog everyday, hoping that some of that 'TUDE will rub off on us.

Our prayers are with you.

Louisa & Ravi

Burton said...

Hi Dave,

You are in our thoughts and we hope your recovery goes extremely well.

I've actually had the priveledge to be in the OR during a few brain tumor cases. The tools and treatments available are phenomenal.

Get well soon!