Sunday, March 9, 2008

Coming soon to a blog near you

My Parkinson's symptoms suddenly become amplified. I go into an :"on/off" pattern. About 60 to 90 minutes later, I am "on" and can walk amd move in general very well

4 hours later: sinement no longer effective.

(more to come soon...)

Drawing and Painting

I have always enjoyed drawing and painting. Over the years, I'ven taken a few studio art classes, starting with a few classes at Stanford (summer just-for-fun classes in ceramics and painting, a figure drawing class with Nathan Oliviera, and then another figure drawing class at Foothill Junior College. Then about 1984. At the end of my time at Stanford, I went to a few figure drawing sessions put on by some of the MFA students. After I left Stanford and settled into Munich, my artistic inclinations took a backseat for a while, since who can really compete with the old masters?

Then for the next 10 years I hardly did any painting at all... Finally, I decided to try it again... Well, the rest is history... I went through a period of intensive artisic activity, during which I painted probably more than 10 paintings, did lots o pastel sketchs, etc. Now I've once again lapsed a bit, but my new goal is to paint some new works! Maybe I'll even start one this afternoon...

So why am I mentioning this? Well, painting is a good way to de-stress, keep the fingers limber, and generally promote health... And we all know how important a positive attitude and a relaxed, stress-free environment are for fighting cancer. This must be the only kind of battle that you fight by relaxing -- well, if that is what it is going to take, then sign me up!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Here we go again...

Hi! Welcome or welcome back to my blog! It has been quite a while since I posted anything (October). I was thinking that nothing interesting was happening any more, once the surgery was finished, and I gradually resumed my normal life. Well, I think I assumed too much... as it turns out, my life is once again "interesting" (in both positive and negative ways). But to cut to the chase: I'm doing well - I feel good, have had lots of visits from friends old and new, and (at least on most days) still remain optomisic, without being in pie-in-the sky denial. I know how tough it is to beat Glioblastome, but I'm ready to go to battle!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I'm Baaaaaack!

Just when you thought it was safe to go online, there's another post from me on "MyBrainyBrainBlog!" Well, I think I'm as surprised as you are... It seemed to me that after my birthday party in October, that everything else was going to be anticlimactic, as I went about resuming daily life. So as my attention turned to other things, blogging gave way to other activities...

Little did I know what was in store!

I'm starting up the blog again, and will try in my next post to summarize the period from October to now (early March). But first, the bottom line: I'm still here and kicking, and on the whole am feeling very good! So with that, I'll stop for now, and actually get busy doing something productive around the house here, like cleaning, maybe doing some laundery, etc. But watch for another post in a few hours!