Friday, August 17, 2007

My new "pirate" look

I'm doing amazingly well, considering what I've been through in the last couple of days. I'm sporting a new "Pirates of the Carribean" look. I feel very good - I am up and about, have lots of energy, and am very happy to be home. I feel basically normal: no pain, no weakness, no sign of mental deficits. (On the other hand, I don't seem to have improved mentally either...)

Basically, I am my normal self. I don't feel like an invalid, or a "patient," and I am looking forward to diving back into teaching and research.

Since the tumor is largely gone now (thank you, Dr. Fineman!), and the radiation and chemo will clean up the residual, I don't see any reason to think this thing is going to stop me. The t-shirt I am wearing is from our Mechanical Engineering Centennial Celebration, but now I have a new interpretation for the logo on the front ("ME 100"). I am interpreting it as my life expectancy...

I am very, very grateful to my loving family, caring friends and colleagues, and my "crack" medical team! You are all fantastic!

Some Photos

What I looked like very recently:

Last pre-operative photo, with short haircut:

What I look like Friday morning, nearly 3 day post op:

This is my "Frankenstein's Monster" look. Don't worry, though - -the next time you see me in person I'll look much more civilized. Frances is out at this minute getting me some sort of new bandage or floppy hat, so that I won't unduly alarm small children or animals.