Friday, August 17, 2007

Some Photos

What I looked like very recently:

Last pre-operative photo, with short haircut:

What I look like Friday morning, nearly 3 day post op:

This is my "Frankenstein's Monster" look. Don't worry, though - -the next time you see me in person I'll look much more civilized. Frances is out at this minute getting me some sort of new bandage or floppy hat, so that I won't unduly alarm small children or animals.


jangoodwin said...

Dave....nice look. Now if you will keep your hair cut like Uncle Dick you will be ready for Halloween. That could be cool.

You might have Frances get you a Do rag and buy you a Harley. They said you couldn't drive a car but did they say for SURE you couldn't ride a Harley?

Got to look at things from ALL angles. :o)

Aunt Jan

Moh said...

I second the do-rag idea :)

Why do I have this sneaking suspicion that you're "recovering" by working on some Cantera code when Frances is not looking?

Keep it up Dave!

J said...

You need a tatoo right by the scar and the kids will love ya.

Congrats on getting home, makes everything so much better.
Jo O