Saturday, August 18, 2007

Doing well

Things still seem to be going very well, all things considered. Mom and I took a walk around the block this morning, and it felt good to get out in the fresh air. Today is just a day for relaxing -- some blog writing, a bit of napping, some TV watching... We've got a bit of a break until the next "event", which will be the meeting with Dr. Fineman on Wednesday. I am really curious to see how the pathology report comes out. The nature of the tumor cells as shown in the microscope images will go a long way to determine whether this tumor is really a GBM, or might be a lower-grade tumor... Whatever the identity, I am prepared to fight its recurrence with all my energy and all the technology we can muster. I'm starting to learn more about the various chemotherapy and radiation options, including research trials. I will of course follow the guidance of my "crack" medical team, but I plan to play an active role too. And as a Caltech scientist/engineer, I think I can understand some of the science underlying treatment decisions. I plan to learn what I need to know of the science to converse intelligently with my doctors.

And of course I need to get back to my own science (fuel cells, CVD, Cantera, ...) real soon! The Global Climate and Energy project is going to be fascinating, and also I need to write up my section of our paper on our on-chip technique to carry out distillation and concentration (for example, of DNA).

And then I've got to start thinking about ME 122 ("Sustainable Energy Engineering") in January... All of this is very welcome. I am looking forward very much to teaching this class, and think that the preparation for it in the next few months will itself be therapeutic, by giving me something significant and interesting to do that is not about me in a "patient" role.

And then of course there is classical guitar playing... I am really looking forward to improving my technique. Emre has very generously agreed to give me lessons at home, while I can't drive. I am very much looking forward to mastering the Villa-Lobos pieces that I am working on, learning more of the Cardoso pieces, and adding a few more new pieces... This is what I call really fulfilling and fun!

I also want everyone to know I appreciate so much the concern, love, thoughts, and prayers that so many of you have offered! I truly think it makes a real difference! I know without question that I am blessed!


Cheryl (Copper's Wife) said...

I had no idea that you were a classical guitarist. None. I'm impressed! What a wonderful skill to be learning. What lovely music to enjoy while you relax from all of the projects you have going.

Emre said...

yes, and a great one! he is one of my advanced guitar students.
Dave, look forward to seeing you this Wednesday and continuing to work on some exciting repertoire!