Sunday, August 19, 2007

Back in Shingle Springs

We're back home after spending a week with Dave, Frances, Tim and Erica. We didn't get what we had so fervently hoped for, a benign tumor, but we are thankful Dave came through the surgery so well. He amazed us with how rapidly he was back to being himself and was even released from the hospital a day early! I think one of our main task now may be to keep him from doing too much too soon. He is gung-ho to defeat this thing.

Frances has been working in every way to get things done quickly for Dave and by the best people. They will both be doing research and seeking out available treatments and programs. They are a good team with their different scientific backgrounds. We are so grateful Dave has Frances by his side.

Even though there was some sadness in this trip, we enjoyed long talks with Dave about the past, present and future. In addition to some tears, we had many laughs. Of course, we have a long history together so we never lack for something to talk or joke about. We loved being with Dave and his family and look forward with confidence.

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Dave said...


Thanks so much for coming down! It meant so much to me to have you and Dad here last week.