Sunday, August 26, 2007

Another Bike Ride

After the success of my bike ride / walk Friday morning, I decided to take another bike ride this morning. I wanted to carefully document my ability to walk and balance myself on my feet, since I had some problems yesterday, and it seemed like some of my pills were not working, or certainly not very effectively. I walked around the driveway a bit before the ride, and I was not very good. I was not standing on my own two feet, but found the need to always reach out and grab some support.

I have started doing some tests to determine, to the extent possible, which medicine I take is the "magic pill" -- the one that gives me back my balance temporarily. So last night at 1:50 am, I took a Sinamet, then at 5:20 I took a Mirapex, then at 6:20 I took the rest of the morning pills except the steroid, which I took at 7:30. A little after 7:30 I headed out for the bike ride.

What I found is that the Sinamet seemed to be only slightly effective. By 3 am, I was still careening around, from one support to the next. It didn't get much better if any when I added the Mirapex, and even the other meds had not done much by the tie I left.

So I wasn't expecting much this time. But right on schedule about an hour after the last med (the steroid) was taken at 7:30, I was able to balance standing up and walk with a normal gait. This occurred once I had reached Trader Joe's. As I got off the bike, I could feel that my "balance system" was back in action.

The ride ended up as a very successful one. By the time I got back home I was fully "on," with no balance problems whatsoever. This state has persisted until now, about 2:30 pm, and I hope it lasts much longer.

When I got back home, I set up the video camera on a tripod to get some movies to document how my motor skills are doing. So with no further ado, let me present the film "After the Bike Ride":


Verma G said...

That is quite remarkable. Could the steroids be responsible for the good balance? I'll bet you get it figured out soon.


Ron G said...

Well very only thought is that for next weeks show you might want to get Tim to help you align the camera...and a couple of new writers couldn't hurt....

Uncle Ron

Jenny said...

Great video. Love the sound effects! You have inspired me to try and lose weight too. 10 pounds down by your party is my goal.....and then more from there!


eteng said...

I am very impressed by your walk, balance, and other motor skills as shown in the video. Please consider sending the video to Dr. P, your USC neurologist. If you keep up with your good work and documentation, you and she may even publish a "case study."

Too many variables remain unchecked with regard to the real cause of your good balance, etc. (e.g., the cumulative effect of all the medication, the time of the day, etc.) (Incidentally, please refrain from trying out different medications outside of the regiment of your physician's prescription. Also, please try to have normal nightly sleep and do not stay up all night.) Of all the possible causes, I like the possibility that "exercise itself helps promote better balance and mobility" best. Johns Hopkin's latest newsletter emphasizes the importance of healthful diet and exercise in fighting cancer as well as in promoting health in general. Dr. P and others must have also told you many times that exercise is beneficial in fighting PD. I am concerned about possible falls from riding a bike. Please be very careful, especially when crossing streets. Also please consider doing more floor exercises as shown in your video. They are safe, and you can gradually build up the repetitions.

I cannot figure out how you added the sound effects in the video. They are excellent. I hope the kids will learn all these computer skills from you.

Leo said...


You need a control (before) video for reference. As I recall, from our days running "The Dish" together, besides our blinding speed, our overall style/balance/coordination left a little to be desired... Don't be too hard on yourself. Oh, and yes, you will be held to your promise, and no, the back curvature comment doesn't pass muster.