Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Old Photos

Well, since I'm spending a little more time at home than usual, I noticed that some of our old photo albums are starting to slowly deteriorate. So I've embarked on a new project to photograph all of our old paper photographs to create digital versions that are easier to share, won't deteriorate, and show us as we wish we still looked but don't...

Here are a few of the results so far (not in chronological order!):

I'll post more old photos as I get more of them digitized!

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RayG said...

Great pictures. Sounds like a big project. Old photos do fade. Right now I am scanning old slides from the early sixties and some of them have faded badly and others look like new.

I'm puttting them in folders and then onto CD's. I have 16 trays of slides each holding 140 slides. I've finished scanning
two trays. I can only scan five sldes at a time. Oh well, on long, winter, rainy days I'll have something to do. A day will come when slide projectors and projector bulbs won't be found anywhere.