Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Well-Balanced Bloggist


Verma G said...

So Evelyn was right, exercise is the key. That is very encouraging! Keep it up.

Dickie said...

Looking forward to the freethrows, I tried to make you a basketball star back in '65 but you got an attitude from fetching my shots. You start at the bottom.

And I know what a six pack is, a good start at a party.

Enjoying the Blog! Hats off, so to speak.

Bonnie said...

Dr. G!

I got forwarded your blog while I was in China and they wouldn't let me look at it...but now that I can I am so glad to see how well you are doing!

I'll be sure to keep checking in on your blog and when I'm next at Caltech I'll be sure to stop by and say hello. By the looks of it you'll be back soon!

I look forward to seeing your basketball skills...see you soon,

Corin said...

Free throws like Shaq! Too funny!

Staggering around at 5 a.m. sounds pretty normal to me. LOL Good for you getting an early start on the day!

I'm glad you found the key to getting around!

Donald said...

You are a great basketball player! I suggest you add to your collection of hats, one of the rasta caps with dredlocks coming out the back- that would be cool!That's great that exercising helps regain balance! Say hi to your cameraman and retired ball girl for us!
Emma and Annie