Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My New Look

Well, I've changed headgear and am no longer sporting the "pirate" look. Here's what I look like today:

Not so pretty, perhaps, but you have to consider the starting material! I mean, recovering from brain cancer is one thing, but turning me into one of the "beautiful people" we have so many of here in LA is even beyond the ability of my crack medical team... I think of this look as my 40s-noir street-smart look... then again, you may just think of it as my goofy look...

In any case, I'm feeling great! I spent a couple of hours this morning doing some major housecleaning. It felt good to be up and around, making the kids' lives miserable just like nothing was out of the ordinary ("take those shoes up to your room! Is this mess in the kitchen yours?").

The events for today are a visit from Melany Hunt and Tim Colonius, to fill me in on all of the Caltech gossip that I am missing by not going in to the office. Then they will give me a ride to Huntington Hospital for my 11:30 am appointment with Dr. Lam, my radiation oncologist (and head of the radiation oncology department there), to discuss my radiation therapy. Looking forward to getting going on that. It feels great to have the vast majority of the tumor already out, and now the focus is on killing off the microscopic bits that can't be removed surgically, but from which new tumor could grow if left in place. I am very happy to place myself in the able hands of Dr. Lam and his staff to manage this portion of my treatment!


Verma G said...

I see your message was posted at 9:04 AM - just four minutes after the kids were due at their sports camp for the day. I guess you were too busy before that harassing them with housecleaning duties to blog. Well, first things first!

I like your new look. Has your hair grown out so much in just one week? I couldn't see any part of the incision. You look like a wild and crazy guy. Glad you are still feeling good and are getting on with business.

Love, Mom

RayG said...

Good Luck today at the doctor's office. I like the new look.


Anonymous said...

I liked the rag look. Be careful with hats, you may start to look like your dad.


Corin said...

I think next you ought to try out a bowler!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Lam was my radiation oncologist in 2001, he's an outstanding and caring doc.